About the blog

Why EbonyFortress.com? The first meaning of the name is meant to evoke a contrast with an ivory tower, implying similarities as well as differences. I can’t claim to be the most experienced or educated in the field but I do hope to be able to make some logical and practical observations on the various topics surrounding computer game development.

And the second meaning of the name comes simply from the typical dark castles that are home to some evil overlord or the like, a fun staple of fantasy gaming and literature. I was always more of a Minas Morgul guy than a Minas Tirith guy anyway…

Still, the name is not to be taken too seriously. For a more useful guide to the content here, check the introductory post here.

About the author

Currently I’m working as a developer for Namaste, a small but talented international start-up company focused on creating an ‘AI-based MMORPG set in a fantasy world’, to put it simply.

My past experience spans a few areas, such as web development, working on embedded and handheld devices, geographical information systems, telecoms testing, and of course, the traditional games industry – mainly MMOs on the PC, but also some console experience with the PS2 and PSP. However my games industry experience is dwarfed by most of the veterans blogging about it (though I’ve been a consumer for over 25 years now) so I will try to argue by way of logic and analogy rather than appealing to my own limited authority!

Outside of work I have many years of hobbyist game development and have learned more besides from being a long-time moderator on Gamedev.net.

When not involved with computer programming I enjoy writing music, playing guitar, reading generic fantasy fiction, teaching myself languages, and trying to learn more about various academic areas from psychology to ancient history, semiotics to geography.


Please feel free to comment on any posts of interest. If you want to contact me about this blog or anything else on this site, I can be reached via Google’s web mail service under the account name ‘kylotan’. GameDev.net users can alternatively send me a personal message via their forums at this link.